Press accreditation is granted to all approved journalists and bloggers reporting on the show and all those with either a Media or PR pass are welcome to use our comfortable Media Centre, supplying drinks and refreshments throughout the three days. Exhibitor press releases are displayed here, along with full details of the show's timetable, events, exhibitor launches and promotions.


Am I eligible for accreditation?

Journalists – print, broadcast or online – can apply for a media pass. One pass will be provided for each publication/organisation. PR representatives with clients exhibiting at the show can apply for a PR pass.

In fairness to publications exhibiting at BETA International, we do not allow advertising sales representatives from publications that are not exhibiting. Photography passes will not be issued – BETA International's official photographers cover the event and we provide free access to images intended for editorial use.

For further information about media and PR accreditation, contact BETA International press officer Deborah Hayward.


  • Deborah Hayward

    Media Centre

    Deborah Hayward, BETA International

    Tel: +44 (0) 1937 582111

    Or: +44 (0)1765 635314