Claire Hayward

Claire Hayward

Equestrian National Sales Manager, Perry Equestrian (A Perry Ltd)

I have always had a passion for horses and I began to be involved with them from the age of 10. I currently own Belle, a 27 year old Welsh Section D, who I’ve had for 20 years and she’s my pride and joy.

I have worked in the Equestrian Industry for over 13 years and joined the Perry Equestrian team in September 2019 as Equestrian National Sales Manager. Day to day I lead the brand and support the Sales Team, as well as Retailers and Wholesalers, to ensure the brand is professionally represented and continues to grow. Product development is also a key area of my role, establishing new products that fit in with our ethos and are practical for every-day use in the consumers Stable and Yard.



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