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Exhibitor Manual FAQ's

Beta International Exhibitor

Where should I address deliveries?  

Company Name, Stand Number, Hall 2           
BETA International, 10th-11th September 2023                               
c/o NAEC Stoneleigh
Stoneleigh Park

Deliveries cannot be accepted outside of the show timetable dates.

Are there storage facilities on-site? 

Unfortunately there are no storage facilities available for our use on-site at NAEC Stoneleigh.  Please ensure you make arrangements for the removal and storage of any excess stock or cases.  Event Specialists  will be happy to quote on any storage during the show, their contact details can be found in the exhibitor manual.

What time can I get into the hall each morning?

The halls will be open at 0800hrs for exhibitors each morning, and the show opens at 0930hrs on the open days.

Can I build above 2.5 metres?

If you have a space only stand then you can build to a maximum height of 4 metres.  No stands will be permitted to be built above this height – please refer to the Stand Construction section of this manual.  All space only stands must submit a plan for their stand to the Organisers in advance of the show by 28th July 2023 – make sure you take into account the build-up & breakdown time available when planning your stand build.  If you have a shell scheme stand then the maximum height for interior display is 2.34m.

Do I need to wear high visibility clothing on-site during build-up and breakdown?

Yes - high visibility clothing must be worn, during the build-up and breakdown of the show in accordance with CDM regulations.

Can I have my logo displayed on the fascia of my shell scheme stand?

Your company name will be displayed in keeping with the image of the show - please complete your Fascia Nameboard Form in the BETA International exhibitor manual. If you wish to also display your logo please contact Event Specialists directly to arrange this – it will involve an additional cost. 

Can I hang heavy objects on the shell scheme stand walling?

The shell scheme is not designed to bear any significant weight.  For more information on appropriate fixings or display please contact Event Specialists (contact details at the front of the manual).

Will my stand be carpeted?

All stands, shell scheme and space only, will be carpeted in blue carpet.  If you do not require the carpet on your stand please contact Jackie Woolley. If you are laying your own floor-covering, please note that only approved low-tac carpet tape will be permitted.  Gangways will not be carpeted.

Is there WI-Fi?

There is free WIFI available - Exhibitors can log on to NAEC_Public and follow the instructions.

You can also order for a direct connection via the manual and forms section


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