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EHOSS history, product and production

EHOSS Stand: 2-C 15
EHOSS history, product and production


EHOSS platforms were created by people who wanted to change horses' lives for the better and make horse care easier and faster for their owners and keepers.


The EHOSS company was established in Ukraine in December of 2021, with the primary objective of improving the living conditions of horses and simplifying the process of equine care.

We built a team, established an enterprise, set up a laboratory, and constructed a stable for experimental implementation three months before the full-scale war broke out in Ukraine. When active hostilities started our production was affected and we were forced to relocate to the neighboring country, Slovakia in May 2022.

EHOSS has opted to create its own production facility. Today, it is an area of more than a thousand square metres, where we have placed modern modelling and product manufacturing equipment. In addition to that, we set up a laboratory, a design and prototyping department, and a research stable. In total, we have invested more than one million euros in the project since May 2022.

All our products are combined from the sides of science, technology, engineering, microbiology, nutrition, veterinary science and the everyday life of a horse, the products that are disigned to improve the life and health of a horse. 

By the end of 2022, our team installed the first prototype of the Monitoring Platform within the stable. This system monitors the environment the horse lives in and tracks all the events. In 2022, the EHOSS project was acknowledged as one of the most innovative projects in the agricultural sector in Slovakia. In May of the same year, we presented our product prototypes at the Danube Equestrian Festival.

A few months later, the project obtained its first customer from a reputable stable in Austria, who expressed interest in piloting the implementation of all EHOSS platforms.

Our vision of the future is constantly evolving alongside the future itself, and we are proud to introduce horse IoT innovation. We are always pushing ourselves to new heights and have ambitious plans for the future. We look forward to continuing our work and making further advancements. Our stand is 2-C 15, see you soon!



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