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EHOSS presents Forage and Reuse Platforms at BETA International 2023

EHOSS Stand: 2-C 15
EHOSS presents Forage and Reuse Platforms at BETA International 2023
EHOSS Forage & Reuse Platforms for daily horse care

We are a manufacturer of equine equipment for daily horse care. All our equipment is grouped into platforms that aim to ease indicated points in horse care. So let us tell you a bit about what exactly our platforms are doing. 

Forage Platform is equipment that prepares a complete hay bale for horse consumption through a three-part process: cutting, cleansing, and serving in individual portions. The platform is installed in a stable location that allows for easy access for transportation to deliver sizeable hay bales. At this stage, we are testing equipment and planning to release it in late autumn of 2023. At the moment we are launching preorders and a substantial discount in Special Offer for BETA International, all detail in the Show Offers section. If any questions, please, feel free to connect with us any convenient way: 

Reuse Platform contributes to enhancing the sustainability of waste and reducing expenses associated with sawdust. Reusing Platform segregates utilized (recyclable) sawdust, sawdust that cannot be recycled, and waste materials. At this stage, we are developing technology and plan to launch in 2024. 

We would be happy to connect any convenient way, our e-mail:, or in social media (all links are here Our stand is 2-C 15, looking forward to seeing you!



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