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15 Aug 2023

Here4Horses announced as official charity

Here4Horses announced as official charity

BETA International is delighted to announce that Here4Horses has been named as its official charity for the 2023 show.

Each year, BETA International names an official charity that it supports. This year, Co. Durham based Here4Horses has been named. As part of this support, the charity will receive a free stand at BETA International as well as slots on the Seminar Theatre stage each day, to help share what the charity is about and how businesses from the equestrian, country and rural industry can get involved.

Here4Horses concentrates on caring, practical and educational action to create a happy and fulfilling existence for all equines. At the show, Here4Horses will explain how its team of experts can work with businesses to achieve a better life for horses.

To find out more about the sponsorship and the charity, visit our media partner, Equestrian Trade News

To find out more about Here4Horses, see 




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