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24 May 2023

LeMieux announces new sponsorship of the LeMieux Coffee Shop

LeMieux announces new sponsorship of the LeMieux Coffee Shop

Renowned equestrian brand, LeMieux, will be sponsoring the LeMieux Coffee Shop at BETA International, the perfect place to refuel and chat during the show.

LeMieux has been a supporter of BETA International for many years with its stand making a regular appearance complete with the latest colours of horse and rider clothing and equestrian innovations each and every year. This year, LeMieux will be doing things slightly differently with the new sponsorship of the Coffee Shop in addition to a showcase stand.

“By supporting BETA International, LeMieux aims to foster stronger ties within the equestrian industry,” said Director Robert Lemieux. “The event serves as an invaluable platform for networking, innovation, collaboration, and knowledge sharing among various stakeholders, including manufacturers, service providers, retailers and importantly offers a showcase to start up businesses. LeMieux's participation in BETA International demonstrates the brand's commitment to staying engaged with the UK equestrian trade and its representative body.”

“We’re delighted to have LeMieux as sponsors for the Coffee Shop at BETA International 2023,” said Claire Williams from BETA. “We know that the Coffee Shop is used as a hub for networking and is a place where lots of visitors meet up between appointments too. We can’t wait to see what the team do with the space to give it a true LeMieux feel.”

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Rhea Freeman




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