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01 Sep 2023

Silva Bed - New equine bedding business is launched

Silva Bed Stand: 2-H16
Silva Bed - New equine bedding business  is launched

Silva Bed - Operating through a secure supply chain, Silva Bed is an exciting new entrant to the equine bedding sector. The company offers a high grade of white softwood shavings and pine wood pellets. Silva Bed has the environmental benefit of being a long life product and due to its high absorbency, offers effective waste reduction.

Silva Bed started trading this year with specifically sourced products from sustainably managed forests. Operating within a closed supply chain, product quality and safety is assured. Our products are manufactured from specific species of raw timber which have been carefully selected to ensure consistency of product.

Silva Crumb pine bedding pellets are 100% pure pine, a species selected for its strong performance in controlling ammonia in the stable. Along with its bright golden colour it is aesthetically pleasing to use. Our pellets are formulated to have absorption giving Silva Crumb longer life and so contributing to minimising waste.

Silva Shavings medium flake white softwood shavings are produced in a closed loop process using only virgin timber by-product. Kiln drying to a low moisture content gives greater absorbency and product life, while a mix of flake sizes promotes easy sifiting to reduce stable waste. The bright colour and flake structure of our shavings produce a visually pleasing, comfortable and supportive bed.

Silva Bed products are available nationally. Our distribution network brings logistical efficiences to the supply chain. This benefits the environment and shipping costs to the customer.

We are looking to expand our customer base to wholesalers and retailers who seek a consistent high quality and readily available equine bedding.















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