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28 Aug 2023

Silva White Softwood Shavings

Silva Bed Stand: 2-H16

Silva Shavings Medium Flake

Our white softwood shavings are sourced from sustainably managed forests and packaged in fully recyclable bags. Manufactured within a closed supply chain Silva Shavings offer an assured premium grade shaving that is triple screened and dust extracted to produce one of the cleanest shavings on the market. 

Alongside this our shavings are kiln dried to lower moisture levels than most whilst maintaining a soft white flaked shaving that has greater absorption giving our product longevity in the stable, reducing waste output.

Our meduim flake product contains a mix of shaving flake sizes to aid siftability, making mucking out faster with less product wasted.

Our bags are c.16kg of highly dried and compressed shavings in an ergonomic shaped bale, delivered in wrapped and capped pallets of 40 bales. 

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